President's Message & Officers

2018-2019 Officers

President:  Beth Foster Long
Secretary General:  Evelyn Gibbs
First Vice President (Programs):  Margaret Ann Randolph
Second Vice President (Publicity):  Buddy Shirk
Third Vice President (Yearbook):  Gary and Pam Helton
Fourth Vice President (Membership):  Charlynne Fry
Recording Secretary:  Victoria Leather
Corresponding Secretary:  Lounelle Draper
Treasurer:  Dr Ralph Altman
Historian:  Mary Lynn Wilson
Parliamentarian:  Dr Martin Perez

Advisory Board:  Pat Starke (Chair), Jim Bailiff, Barbara Kelley, Norm Oien, Pamper Garner Crangle, Vance Fry

Committee Chairs:
Program:  Margaret Ann Randolph
Publicity:  Buddy Shirk
Yearbook:  Gary and Pam Helton
Membership:  Charlynne Fry
Historian/Scrapbook:  Mary Lynn Wilson
Scholarship:  Janet Sump
Finances:  Norm Oien
Hospitality:  Tom and Colleen Shields
Telephone:  Frances Parris
Organ Advisory:  Jeff Scofield
Communications/Website:  Pamper Garner Crangle


2015-2016 Officers


Front Row - Lounelle Draper, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Ellen Meloan, Historian; Charlynne Fry, Fourth Vice President; Margaret Ann Randolph, First Vice President; Linda Thompson, President
Back Row - Ralph Altman, Treasurer; Pamper Garner Crangle, Recording Secretary; Gary Helton, Third Vice President; Buddy Shirk, Second Vice President; Bob Bernhardt

2014-2015 Officers

Front Row - Mary Ellen Meloan, Historian; Margaret Ann Randolph, First Vice President; Linda Thompson, President; Pam Helton, Co-3rd Vice President; Gerald Payne, Treasurer
Back Row - Buddy Shirk, Second Vice President; Martin Perez, Parliamentarian; Gary Helton, Co-3rd Vice President; Jane Southerland, Fourth Vice President, Lounelle Draper, Corresponding Secretary

A Message From Our President

Beth Foster Long

Chattanooga has a rich cultural heritage dating back to pre-Civil War times. The Chattanooga Music Club, established in 1896, is one of those organizations that has played a leadership role in the city’s fine arts. The original purpose as stated for the CMC was “to keep alive in Chattanooga the love of good music”. This is still true today, but of course times are changing, and we have to change our methods to accomplish this purpose in today’s world.

CMC is the parent organization of the CSO and other musical groups in our city. Since 1946, we have been awarding scholarships for musically talented young people through competitive auditions. To date, we have awarded 156 students with scholarship awards in varying amounts. This past year, we awarded $15,000 to gifted high school seniors who plan to continue their music study in college.

The CMC has been instrumental in another amazing achievement. The Soldier’s and Sailor’s Memorial Auditorium is home to a grand pipe organ that is a treasure. This organ was built and dedicated in 1924 to honor our military heroes back from WWI. It was enjoyed for years by the entire community.

Then, after WWII, the auditorium and organ were neglected, and parts of the organ were vandalized, lost or stolen. In 1960, the CMC undertook the monumental task of restoring the organ. From 1960-1985, a movement was led by Ms. Evelyn Gibbs to restore the organ, a challenging task. During this time period, parts were found, piece by piece, and the organ was gradually restored. In 2007, at the rededication concert, we had an audience of 3000. Each year we have a Patriotic Concert in June and a Holiday Concert in November, featuring nationally known organists. These are always well received. Today’s monetary value of this organ? $4,000,000!  That's four million dollars! So, we truly have a treasure in this instrument.

We are presently fulfilling our original purpose as stated back in 1896.

As president of the Chattanooga Music Club, I would like to share the goals that I envision for the year to come:

  • To have all components of the CMC work together in harmony.

  • To grow our membership.

  • To explore new ideas. This is the time to use our imaginations.

  • To have CMC be more visible in our beautiful city. Times are changing, and the atmosphere is exciting.

  • To educate our community about CMC. We have such a rich history.

Beth Foster Long, President